The spare parts division for the plastics processing industry, with a focus on the regeneration and new manufacturing of screws and cylinders, was founded in May 2003 by Hans-Peter Boyke. The extensive process know-how and the concentration on the service sector still form the foundation for the successful enterprise today. Due to the increasing wear on process components, Boyke Wear Technology is more in demand than ever in the field of materials engineering and wear protection.


We offer extensive expertise in the new manufacturing of machine parts:

  • Screws
  • Barrels
  • Check valves
  • Nozzles
  • Spare parts according to drawings or samples
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Heating bands


New manufacturing and wear parts from a single source – BWT is your contact for the regeneration of screws and cylinders, hardfacing, polygonal screws, and surface coating.

Regeneration is carried out using the BWT process with welding consumables. These guarantee wear-resistant and crack-free processing.

The use of special welding materials also achieves an improvement in service life when processing materials and mixtures that cause wear, with all types of fillers that cause cavitation, friction, and rolling wear.

We armor screws, repair cylinders, and refine them through coatings.

The advantages of regeneration:

  • Quick availability
  • Longer service life
  • Resistance to corrosion, adhesion, abrasion
  • Crack-free armor
  • Cost-effective repair

For the cleaning of injection molding machines and extruders, we offer various options:

  • Cleaning concentrate
  • Oil filter unit
  • Circulating rinse system
  • Cylinder cleaning brushes

If you have not yet experienced our cleaning products, our technicians will be happy to support you directly on-site.


In addition to new manufacturing or regeneration and cleaning, BWT offers a range of services:

Dimensional Measurement

We are happy to take measurements of your screws and cylinders on-site to provide you with a specific offer. Of course, you can also take measurements of your screws and cylinders yourself and send us the measurement sheets so that we can submit an offer.

Cleaning and Flushing of Machines

BWT’s services are optionally carried out in our facilities or on-site at the customer’s location. Service offerings in the area of cleaning and flushing:

  • Application of meltclean® and other cleaning agents on-site
  • Polishing and cleaning of screws
  • On-site cleaning of cooling channels
  • Flushing with oil service equipment
  • Polishing
  • Post-nitriding
  • Coating
  • Final inspection and dimensional protocol

The finished dimensions are recorded in a dimensional protocol, and for screws with cooling bores, a leak test is performed.

Assembly and Disassembly

In this BWT service spectrum, BWT offers the following services:

  • Extraction devices
  • Extruder repairs
  • Tape unwinding systems
  • Extraction Device: Screws stuck in the cylinder can be quickly and cost-effectively extracted with our patented extraction device, without much setup and personnel effort.

Coating Service

BWT’s coating process includes the following services:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Coating with hard chrome or CrNi multilayers using PVD and CVD processes
  • Application of tungsten carbides by flame spraying

Additional Services

In addition, BWT customers can avail themselves of the following services:

  • CAD drawing creation
  • Creation of wear protocols
  • Consultation service

Further information, such as surface coating or service details in a concise form, can be found in our download section below.