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Boyke Press Systems develops and manufactures application-specific presses and production systems for processing a wide range of materials. State-of-the-art hydraulic drives and systems form the basis for energy-efficient and compact press systems, ensuring the highest level of productivity. Our presses, piston injection molding machines, and piston extruders are used worldwide by our customers.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated manufacturing cells for transfer molding applications
  • Overmolding of inserts and assemblies
  • Shot volumes up to approximately 800ccm in the standard range
  • Automatic tool cleaning
  • Defined interfaces for automation





The manufacturing process of highly filled compounds has undergone significant optimization in recent years through the use of modern compounding technology. This has led to a substantial upswing in the field of glass bead/fiber-reinforced thermosetting molding compounds. The outstanding properties of these compounds open up new possibilities for overmolding, such as mechatronic systems, or producing drives for the new generation of „E-Mobility“ vehicles.

Due to process-related factors, some of the excellent properties are unnecessarily compromised by unsuitable processing methods. In particular, fibers are broken by screws, nozzles, gates, and narrow tools, degenerating into less functional fillers. By reducing the fiber system, the mechanical properties of the components are severely limited. The processing in the molding process can bypass nozzles, gates, and narrow tools. An alternative to screws is dosing in a Boyke Press Systems piston doser.

The increased strength can be translated into thinner wall thicknesses, reducing material costs, which typically account for 40-60% of production costs in typical applications, significantly – typically by about 20-30%.

oyke Press Systems demonstrates that fiber-reinforced plastics based on phenolic and epoxy resins can also be pre-plasticized with special screws without significantly damaging the fiber systems or causing substantial wear.

When it comes to burr-free processing and tight tolerances, processing the pre-dosed quantities in the so-called transfer process, a type of piston injection molding process, is recommended.

Advantages of Boyke Technology’s injection molding cells:

  • Shot weights up to 1,500 g
  • Homogeneous pre-plasticization of the material
  • Mold cavity pressure monitoring and mold cavity pressure-regulated injection processes
  • ESD conformity for electronics manufacturing
  • Fully automatic tool cleaning
  • Material batch/lot control
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Euromap 67 interface
  • Integrable



Boyke Retrofit – the truly economical alternative to acquiring new press systems.

  • Easy operation and control of the machine
  • Increased process reliability
  • Shorter cycle times and improved performance
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Enhanced insight into the process
  • Data and quality management

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We provide worldwide service for all machines delivered by us. Critical spare parts are readily available in stock or can be manufactured promptly according to original drawings. Additionally, we continuously adapt our presses to technological advancements. We can easily modernize, retrofit, or modify older models according to your preferences.

You rightfully expect fast and competent service. Therefore, please request spare parts in writing, either via email or through our contact form below. This way, we immediately understand how we can assist you.

A UVV inspection confirms that the machine has been tested according to current safety regulations. Additionally, the next inspection date is marked on the plaque. Results are further documented in the prescribed press inspection book. If you are interested in an offer for a UVV inspection from our company, you are welcome to fill out the form below.