With over 50 years of experience in plastic machinery construction, the extrusion division of the Boyke Group can successfully reflect on the past. Through the ongoing development of proprietary designs and systems, as well as the acquisition of various systems from different market competitors, Boyke Extrusion Systems now possesses extensive process know-how and is well-positioned for the future.

Due to a wide range of process technologies, we are capable of developing solutions that transcend different production methods.


Extruders have a long history within the BOYKE corporate group. We have been building extruders since 1958, allowing us to draw on the experience of well over 1000 corresponding products for you. We understand that each manufacturing facility and production site has its own requirements for extruder technology, and we can find a customized solution for you as well.


In addition to overhauling individual machine components, bringing them up to modern standards, retrofitting, for us, also means assembling complete extrusion systems from partially overhauled components, tailored to your specific requirements. This process involves creating new production facilities from retired extruders and other components, presenting interesting alternatives for profitability and investment volume considerations, especially for niche or ancillary products.

Your advantages: very low downtime!

When putting together a new system, we can integrate used machines according to your preferences. Missing components will be sourced by us or, upon request, newly manufactured.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Comparatively low investment costs
  • Customized system configuration
  • Utilization of existing assets
  • Short overhaul duration
  • New control technology
  • Energy savings

Our offer to you:

  • Complete project planning / assembly of new extrusion systems
  • Overhaul of individual machines and machine components
  • Screw and cylinder overhaul / repair / new manufacturing
  • Conversion and replacement of drive systems
  • Overhaul of electrical components, e.g., motor overhaul
  • Replacement of defective electrical components
  • Control cabinet overhaul / modification
  • Modifications to extrusion tools, e.g., film blowing heads, flat slit nozzles
  • Adaptation of co-extrusion units
  • Cleaning and painting of machines and individual components

On-site installation

We look forward to your inquiry!

Through intensive customer discussions, projects are optimally prepared, minimizing the duration of the overhaul.


Customer Service: We provide worldwide service for all machines delivered by us. Critical spare parts are readily available in stock or can be promptly manufactured based on original drawings.

We continuously adapt our presses to technological advancements. Older models can be easily modernized, upgraded, or retrofitted according to your preferences.

A request: You rightfully expect fast and competent service. Therefore, please request spare parts in writing, either by email or through our contact form.. Also, if a machine experiences a malfunction, kindly send us a completed fault diagnosis sheet. This way, we can quickly determine how to assist you.